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We are one of the most trusted online store in India for all kinds of electrical components. We offer wide range of quality products for all kinds of electrical components.

Our Policy :

Offering best quality products at lowest cost. (where ever & when ever you need it).

Our Service:

We focus on availing easy & personlized service for our customers. Your order is processed in a minimal time with atmost care.

Customers can buy on the eshop with the confidence of purchasing from a trusted source. We are committed to ensure that - you can choose your product easily by browsing the e-shop electric.

If you need some specific product or components which is not listed in our eshop please ask for that, we will be happy to serve you.

Please see our contact us page if you have any questions for us.

Our Products :

Harmonics Control, Active Harmonics Filter, Industrial Automation, Motor control, Wires and Cables, Lightings, Protection Relays,Interface, Measurement & Control Relays,Boxes, Cabling & Interfaces,HMI(Terminals and Industrial PC),Motor Starters,Sensors & RFID system,Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS),Switches, Sockets & Boxes,Surge Protection and Power Conditioning,Signaling Units,Pushbuttons, Switches, Pilot Lights, Joysticks,Power Circuit breakers & Switches,Solar Inventor for Ground Mounted Plants,Solar for Industrial & Commercial Rooftops,Power supplies & transformers,PAC, PLC & other Controllers,Interface, Measurement & Control Relays,Solar for Residential,Solar Off-Grid and Back-up,Wire & Cable,Wiring Accessories,Motion & Drives,Power & Energy Monitoring System,Building Management System,Tools,LV - Power Quality Products & Solutions,Din rail modular devices. View Our Products

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